Ms. Brandy Wo, School Principal, Box Hill

Brandy Wo

Ms. Brandy was born and raised in Hong Kong. She obtained her qualifications in ECE and has over 15 years experience working with young children aged from 6 months to 6 years both in Hong Kong and Australia.

Ms. Brandy loves working with children! Eighteen years ago when she studied early childhood education in Sydney, there were only two overseas students from Hong Kong doing the same course at the campus. The learning and work experiences that Ms. Brandy gained in Sydney opened her eyes to see what the most important and valuable element of education is. According to her, it is not what you can teach the children but what the children can learn from you.

Being a mother of two young children as well as a kindergarten principal, Ms. Brandy strongly believes that “Childhood is a journey, not a race”. Therefore, her primary objective is to create a stimulating and interesting environment to inspire children to learn and enjoy learning.